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Injury expert: Hard to tell if George Zimmerman is injured on video after Trayvon Martin shooting

1:49 PM, Mar 30, 2012   |    comments
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By Beau Zimmer, WTSP

SANFORD, Florida - It is the last video we see, often before a suspect's arrest. But in this case George Zimmerman is never booked. He's simply questioned by Sanford Police before his release.

All along the neighborhood watchman's defense for fatally shooting the teenage Trayvon Martin, according to family, was self defense following a violent attack.


But does it look like he's injured just hours after the shooting? That's what our sister station WTSP asked Dr. Joseph Gutmann, a traumatic injury specialist in Tampa.

"He's not limping, he doesn't appear to be in any sort of pain. He's got handcuffs on. It's not like they're walking slow or helping him along," says Dr. Gutmann who is also quick to point out the low quality of the video clip.

"There's no close up of his face. The photos are kind of blurred. It's not in focus to see his face and there's no direct shot of looking at him at all."

Without close up, clear imagines Dr. Gutmann says it would be hard to conclude the extent of any potential injuries especially in court.

"It's very hard to, based on the video, to make any kid of opinion as to if he was hit or injured or suffered any type of injuries before that."

Beau Zimmer, WTSP

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